Vibrations and Waves

Vibrations and Waves


maquette / prototype

dimensions: variable

piano strings, turnbuckles, wooden table, wood, 12 volt batteries, electromagnetic coils, electric guitar pick-ups, mechanical components, 555 oscillator circuits

Electromagnetically driven strings sound continuously, above which are two pendulums with pick-ups mounted on each of their extremities. Whenever a pendulum passes over an acoustically vibrating wire, the pick-ups capture the sound.

Pendulum Music Steve Reich, 1968
Music On A Long Thin Wire, Alvin Lucier, 1977
The Wires, Alan Lamb, 1976 - present
Kick That Habit, Voice Crack, 1989


Stepper Motor Choir


solar-powered kinetic sound installation

Twelve solar-powered stepper motors sing with rotating, resonating panes of broken glass.

Vibrations and Waves
experiments in electromagnetism


research project

All materials have resonant frequencies at which they most naturally vibrate.

Vibrations and Waves
rusted resonators


public prototype / site-specific sound installation

This temporary site-specific sound installation was created collaboratively (with Darsha Hewitt) during a 3 week rural residency at Cultivamos Cultura in Sao Luis, Alentejo in southern Portugal.

Vibrations and Waves
parasitic resonators


public prototype / sound installation

Site specific exhibition in a condo showroom. Gallery lighting as solar power; in situ display panels as resonant surfaces.

Vibrations and Waves


A text prepared for presentation for the 2011 ISEA conference in Istanbul.

Instrumentation demonstrations

2011 - 2012

series of experiments

In-studio rehearsals for what would become the a site variable kinetic audio installations Instrumentation and Instrumentation Variations. Video documentation showing experiments, maquettes and techniques coming out of a long-term research project entitled Vibrations and Waves.



site-variable kinetic sound installation

Light, electromagnetism and resonance figure centrally in Instrumentation, a sprawling kinetic sound installation in which these immaterial phenomena are manipulated by expressly material means. Exhibited internationally as a range of site-specific installations.

Pendulum Music On A Long Thin Wire


performance installation

Swinging pendulums, oscillating electromagnets, pickup coils, rhythmic phasing. After Steve Reich and Alvin Lucier.

IO / spiderlogic

2013 - current

research project

IO (formerly Irrational Orchestration) is a series of works developed broadly as schematic guidelines for improvised installations, rather than pre-determined finished artwork. Electromagnetism, intuitive/ad hoc architectural structures, absurdist extensions of building infrastructural systems (HVAC, electrical), hardware neural networks.

Instrumentation, variations

2012 - 2014

series of site-variable kinetic audio installation

Site specific variations of Instrumentation presented internationally in France, Norway, Québec, Portugal, Slovenia and Italy from 2012 to 2014. Variation no. 3 (Chicoutimi) and Variation no. 8 (Québec City) are the most divergent.

Instrumentation, variation no. 8
Québec City, Québec


site-variable kinetic sound installation

Site specific eighth variation of Instrumentation. Peripheral spaces not ordinarily used for exhibition, occupied by assemblies of mechanical performers.

NKD research
Photon Theatre


residency research, prototypes, maquettes

Light as substance.