site-variable kinetic sound installation

dimensions: variable

piano strings, mechanical saltwater dimmer, plywood transducer table, electromagnetic pickups, stepper motor actuated light dimmer, hardware, electromagnetic coils, custom circuits, drums

A site variable kinetic audio installation. The video documents the first public version (variation 0) of Instrumentation at SKOL in (Montréal - 2012) as part of the BIAN - International Digital Art Biennale of Montréal. Three demonstration videos from 2011-2012 show in-progress, in-studio demonstrations of maquettes and techniques leading up to the installation. This work comes out of a long-term research project entitled Vibrations and Waves.





Instrumentation, variations

2012 - 2014  · series of site-variable kinetic audio installation

Site specific variations of Instrumentation presented internationally in France, Norway, Québec, Portugal, Slovenia and Italy from 2012 to 2014. Variation no. 3 (Chicoutimi) and Variation no. 8 (Québec City) are the most divergent.

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Irrational Orchestration

2013 - current  · research project

Irrational Orchestration is a related series of works that are being developed broadly as schematic guidelines for improvised installations, rather than a pre-determined finished pieces. Irrational Orchestration comprises experiments in electromagnetism, simple alternating current circuits, and intuitive/ad hoc architectural structures and neural networks.

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Instrumentation demonstrations

2011 - 2012  · series of experiments

In-studio rehearsals for what would become the a site variable kinetic audio installations Instrumentation and Instrumentation Variations. Video documentation showing experiments, maquettes and techniques coming out of a long-term research project entitled Vibrations and Waves.

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Vibrations and Waves

2010  · research project

A compendium of experiments in electromagnetism, mechanical resonance, physics of sound vibrations. Documentation of work in the studio, residencies and exhibitions.

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