Instrumentation, variation no. 8
Québec City, Québec

photo credits: Michel Boucher

Instrumentation, variation no. 8
Québec City, Québec


site-variable kinetic sound installation

dimensions: variable

variable, including: piano strings, mechanical saltwater dimmer, plywood transducer table, electromagnetic pickups, stepper motor actuated light dimmer, urine, ladder, found objects, styrofoam, hardware, electromagnetic coils, custom circuits, drums

Site specific eighth variation of Instrumentation. In the main gallery space overhead HVAC conduits and several found object assemblies became loudspeakers and sound resonators. The gallery kitchen, front window vitrine and reading room (not shown), peripheral spaces not ordinarily used for exhibition, were occupied by ensembles of mechanical performers, whose sound was amplified and mixed in the main space.

Part of Mois Multi at the Galerie des arts visuels de L'Université Laval, Québec City, QC


Instrumentation, variation no. 7
Montfort-sur-meu, France

site-variable kinetic sound installation

Variation no. 7 in a disused church in Montfort-sur-Meu presented by Le Bon Accueil - lieu d'art contemporain, Rennes, France.

Instrumentation, variation no. 6
Nova Gorica / Gorizia - Slovenia / Italy

site-variable kinetic sound installation

Minimal version presented in a project space in the border town of Gorizia, Italy for Pixxelpoint Festival 2012, organised in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.

Instrumentation, variation no. 4
Trondheim, Norway

site-variable kinetic sound installation

A single room, single string variation in the Rake showroom, an exhibition space made of recycled building material. Part of Meta.Morf 2012 - Biennale for art and technology, Trondheim, Norway.

Instrumentation, variation no. 3
Chicoutimi, Québec

site-variable kinetic sound installation

From a solo exhibition at [séquence], Chicoutimi QC. Three spaces were used, with no acoustic separation. The gallery ductwork and front windows were used as sound transmission mediums.

Instrumentation, variation no. 2
Halifax, Nova Scotia

site-variable kinetic sound installation

Minimal version developed during a summer short residency at NSCAD. Suspended drum used as acoustic resonator and window vitrines used as speakers.

Instrumentation, variation no. 1
Guimarães, Portugal

site-variable kinetic sound installation

Installed in Fabrika ASA, a colossal former textiles factory in Guimarães, Portugal as part of the Emergencies exhibition.

Instrumentation, variations

series of site-variable kinetic audio installation

Site specific variations of Instrumentation presented internationally in France, Norway, Québec, Portugal, Slovenia and Italy from 2012 to 2014. Variation no. 3 (Chicoutimi) and Variation no. 8 (Québec City) are the most divergent.

IO / spiderlogic

research project

IO (formerly Irrational Orchestration) is a series of works developed broadly as schematic guidelines for improvised installations, rather than pre-determined finished artwork. Electromagnetism, intuitive/ad hoc architectural structures, absurdist extensions of building infrastructural systems (HVAC, electrical), hardware neural networks.


site-variable kinetic sound installation

Light, electromagnetism and resonance figure centrally in Instrumentation, a sprawling kinetic sound installation in which these immaterial phenomena are manipulated by expressly material means. Exhibited internationally as a range of site-specific installations.

Instrumentation demonstrations

series of experiments

In-studio rehearsals for what would become the a site variable kinetic audio installations Instrumentation and Instrumentation Variations. Video documentation showing experiments, maquettes and techniques coming out of a long-term research project entitled Vibrations and Waves.

Vibrations and Waves

research project

A compendium of experiments in electromagnetism, mechanical resonance, physics of sound vibrations. Documentation of work in the studio, residencies and exhibitions.