IO (formerly Irrational Orchestration) is a series of works developed broadly as schematic guidelines for improvised installations, rather than pre-determined finished artwork. IO comprises experiments in electromagnetism, intuitive/ad hoc architectural structures, absurdist extensions/transformations of building infrastructural systems (HVAC, electrical) and hardware neural networks.



in-situ improvised kinetic and sound installation

Spiderlogic. Ad-hoc architecture, intuitive physics, informal engineering.

IO (spiderlogic)


in-situ improvised kinetic / sound installation

Floating ladders, chairs, tables; aperiodic perturbations; mechanically modulated shadow; arhythmic/rhythmic tension.

IO (prototype)


experiment / prototype / rehearsal

First publicly presented working prototype of IO in Rhizope exhibition, Tallinn, Estonia, May 2014.

Irrational Orchestration
demonstrations: experiments with vibrating bars + resonators

2014 - current

experiment / prototype / rehearsal

Testing material and acoustic qualities of various objects.

Irrational Orchestration
studio rehearsals, research images, materials tests

2013 - current

experiment / prototype / rehearsal

Documentation of studio rehearsals, research images, materials tests for Irrational Orchestration.

Irrational Orchestration
demonstration: electromagnetic oscillator


experiment / prototype / rehearsal

Prototype for axon/vibrational strutcural element.