Instrumentation, variations

series of site-variable kinetic audio installation

Site specific variations of Instrumentation presented internationally in France, Norway, Québec, Portugal, Slovenia and Italy from 2012 to 2014. Variation no. 3 (Chicoutimi) and Variation no. 8 (Québec City) are the most divergent.

Pendulum Music On A Long Thin Wire

performance installation

Swinging pendulums, oscillating electromagnets, pickup coils, rhythmic phasing. After Steve Reich and Alvin Lucier.

Leak To Lower Lazy Levitating Load (prototype)

prototype for solar-powered kinetic installation

This is a system for levitation. Mass and gravity are employed in order to lethargically levitate a load until it is hovering at a distance equal to its own height.

Water Water, Teeter Totter


A water teeter totter. Precursor to levitation machines.



Variation of Perch. Precursor to levitation machines.



Variation of Switch.


maquette for kinetic installation

How does repetitive orderly motion generate chaotic behaviour? Cycle is an untethered double pendulum, a two-body problem.

Why Do Machines Think They Are Human?

kinetic video installation

Mechanical-digital video surveillance. Installed in a closet. It makes a recording of everyone who comes to see it, and plays it back to them later (apologies to Don Ihde).


kinetic video


One Thousand Tiny Blows


The goal is to eventually poke through the floor.

Daysleepers (OUT888)

emergent behaviour-based installation maquette

Nocturnal machines.


performance installation

Performance in which live CCTV images of a face and ass taunt a kicking machine, and get kicked.