Irrational Orchestration (spiderlogic)

Rouyn-Noranda version


in-situ improvised kinetic and sound installation

dimensions: variable

diverse materials + stepper motors, Raspberry Pi, Arduino microcontroller network, custom software

Irrational Orchestration is a series of works that are being developed broadly as schematic guidelines for improvised installations, rather than pre-determined finished pieces. This iteration is a room-scale kinetic sound installation with visual, structural and/or sonic activation of all gallery surfaces gallery surfaces (wall, ceiling, floor) where undulating suspended objects interact with mechanically modulated light to generate a soundtrack of arhythmic/rhythmic tension.

The gallery lighting system is mechanically extended and controlled. This set-up can be retro-fitted to most standard artist centre lighting systems.

Ladder as both structural sound transducer and found-object marionette. Just visible upper-mid background is one of four corner, ceiling mounted mechanical puppeteers which aperiodically perturb the network of swaying object actors. Their moving shadows fall on a series of wall-mounted light-sensitive oscillators, some of which can be pictured at right, as well as an electromagnetically activated very long thin wire.

Part of the exhibition Les Transformables at L'Écart (Rouyn-Noranda, QC) curated by Eric Mattson.



Oroboros of Alternating Current

Headlands research: Convolutions series, experiment no. 1
2014  · residency research, prototypes, maquettes

Objects dance erratically in an intense, fluctuating electromagnetic field of a coiled extension cord, the head and tail of which are plugged into a three-headed oroboros connector. Research from a summer residency at the Headlands Centre in California.

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Barracks Bricollage / Casernes couper-coller

Headlands research: sound / building studies for new work
2014  · residency research, prototypes, maquettes

Documentation of studies and experiments in sound/acoustics and architecture/building using materials found mostly on site as an artist in residence at the Headlands Center, California, summer 2014.

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2014 - current  · collaborative open source hardware research project

The neuromime is an electronic model of an organic nerve cell that can be interconnected in chains and loops.

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