Oroboros of Alternating Current

Headlands research: Convolutions series, experiment no. 1


residency research, prototypes, maquettes

dimensions: variable


The head and tail of a looped extension cord are plugged into a three-headed oroboros cable. The cable is internally wired in such a way that the normally parallel ground, hot and neutral lines of the extension cord are joined end-to-end in series, forming a long, returning coil within the cord, somewhat like a snake feeding on its own tail.

When the oroboros cable is plugged into a wall outlet, the substantial alternating current in the extension cord coil produces an intense fluctuating electromagnetic field. A variable transformer is used to control the intensity. Magnets and objects placed in the field dance erractically, and surprisingly chaotic behaviours emerge in response to the regular oscillations of the 60 hertz AC signal.

Experiment no. 1 in the Convolutions series (open-ended research, performances, installations). This research was conducted during a summer 2014 artist residency (sound-music programme) at the Headlands Centre for The Arts in northern California.


Barracks Bricollage / Casernes couper-coller

Headlands research: sound / building studies for new work
2014  · residency research, prototypes, maquettes

Documentation of studies and experiments in sound/acoustics and architecture/building using materials found mostly on site as an artist in residence at the Headlands Center, California, summer 2014.

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Irrational Orchestration (spiderlogic)

Rouyn-Noranda version
2016  · in-situ improvised kinetic and sound installation

This iteration of the Irrational Orchestration series is a room-scale kinetic sound installation with visual, structural and/or sonic activation of all gallery surfaces gallery surfaces (wall, ceiling, floor). Undulating suspended objects interact with mechanically modulated light to generate a soundtrack of arhythmic/rhythmic tension.

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Irrational Orchestration

2014  · experiment / prototype / rehearsal

First publicly presented working prototype in Rhizope exhibition, Tallinn, Estonia, May 2014.

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Irrational Orchestration

demonstrations: experiments with vibrating bars + resonators
2014 - current  · experiment / prototype / rehearsal

Testing material and acoustic qualities of various objects.

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Irrational Orchestration

studio rehearsals, research images, materials tests
2013 - current  · experiment / prototype / rehearsal

Documentation of studio rehearsals, research images, materials tests for Irrational Orchestration.

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Irrational Orchestration

demonstration: electromagnetic oscillator
2013  · experiment / prototype / rehearsal

Prototype for axon/vibrational strutcural element.

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