Irrational Orchestration
studio rehearsals, research images, materials tests

Irrational Orchestration
studio rehearsals, research images, materials tests

2013 - current

experiment / prototype / rehearsal

dimensions: variable

diverse materials

Documentation of studio rehearsals, research images, materials tests for Irrational Orchestration.


spiderlogic (ii)

in-situ improvised kinetic and sound installation

Spiderlogic. Ad-hoc architecture, intuitive physics, informal engineering.

spiderlogic (i)

in-situ improvised kinetic / sound installation

Floating ladders, chairs, tables; aperiodic perturbations; mechanically modulated shadow; arhythmic/rhythmic tension.

IO (prototype)

experiment / prototype / rehearsal

First publicly presented working prototype of IO in Rhizope exhibition, Tallinn, Estonia, May 2014.

Irrational Orchestration
demonstrations: experiments with vibrating bars + resonators

experiment / prototype / rehearsal

Testing material and acoustic qualities of various objects.

Irrational Orchestration
demonstration: electromagnetic oscillator

experiment / prototype / rehearsal

Prototype for axon/vibrational strutcural element.

NKD research
Photon Theatre

residency research, prototypes, maquettes

Light as substance.

Column Coil
Headlands research: Oroboros of alternating current

residency research, prototypes, maquettes, experiments in electromagneticks and architecture

Objects dance erratically in an intense, fluctuating electromagnetic field of a coiled extension cord, the head and tail of which are plugged into a custom three-headed oroboros cable. Research from a summer residency at the Headlands Centre in California.

Barracks Bricollage
Headlands research: sound / building studies for new work

residency research, prototypes, maquettes

Documentation of studies and experiments in sound/acoustics and architecture/building using materials found mostly on site as an artist in residence at the Headlands Center, California, summer 2014.


collaborative open-source hardware research project

The neuromime is an electronic model of an organic nerve cell that can be interconnected in chains and loops.