NKD Research, Norway 2016

NKD Research, Norway 2016

Photon Theatre (working title)


research residency

As an artist-in-residence at NKD I will develop a “theatre of photons,” a body of new work which considers light as a substance. Photon Theater (working title) represents an expanding interest in electromagnetic phenomena, shifting up in frequency along the electromagnetic spectrum from a preoccupation with sound and resonance in previous work, to wavelengths and packets of visible light as a central subject of current research.

To this end, I will conduct informal hands-on investigations into quantum physics and opto-mechanical systems in the development of Photon Theater (working title). Practically speaking, the ample blank surfaces of the studio provided will be a stage for experiments with simple optics and moving projections using sunlight, artificial light, lenses, mirrors, prisms, glass and mechanisms retrieved from optical apparatus.

The images depict Photon Theater (working title) in it's current state as initial protypes in the studio.