winter research residency @ Eastern Bloc, Montréal
March 2017  · collaborative open source hardware research project

During March 2017, I will continue development on the neuromime, an electronic model of a biological neuron, at Eastern Bloc in Montréal. Three Thursday open-labs are scheduled and a final public presentation 6 April. See here for more info.

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Blood, Brains and Other Trains

Thoughts on Emerging Collaborations & Camaraderie in the Arts and Sciences
October 2016  · colloquium, curatorial project

A socially-oriented four day colloquium I directed and organized at Concordia University. Blood, Brains and Other Trains looked at common interests and shared goals between the arts and sciences, providing a meeting ground for those interested in forming further links between the disciplines.

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September 2016  · curatorial project, research project + exhibition

An experimental 3 month long artistic research residency and exhibition project examining the connection between Earth and computation with the work of Berlin-based artist Martin Howse, curated by Peter Flemming in collaboration with OBORO and Perte de Signal in Montréal with support from the Goethe Institut .

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NKD Research, Norway 2016

Photon Theatre (working title)
January 2016  · research residency

A winter residency at NKD - Nordisk Kunstnarsenter in Dale, Norway. This project considers light as substance and will develop a 'photon theatre' through experiments with simple optics.

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Field_Notes 2015 - Kilpisjärvi, Lapland/Finland

Encounters in a Layered Landscape - Mapping Hybrid Ecologies
September 2015  · art&science field laboratory

Spent a September fortnight at the Kilpisjärvi biological station in far northern Lapland/Finland for Field_Notes 2015 with over 40 artists, writers, scientists, theorists on the theme of Hybrid Ecology. Spent the time conversing, hiking, notetaking, drawing, field-recording, thinking and doing sauna.

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Wavefarm residency - Acra, NY

Collectif Radiophonique Oboro Radio Collective
July 2015  · collective research residency

A weeklong research residency at the Wavefarm in Acra, NY members of the Collectif Radiophonique Oboro Radio Collective.

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Headlands Research, California 2014

July 2014  · residency research, prototypes, maquettes

Documentation of studies and experiments in sound/acoustics and architecture/building using materials found mostly on site as an artist in residence at the Headlands Center, California, summer 2014.

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